Get the Most Efficient Vent Cover Material for Your Home

The vent covers that attach to your ductwork openings are essential for the proper functioning of your HVAC system. There’s a variety of vent cover materials to choose from. Let’s break down the different types of covers and the materials that suit them.


Registers are small, louvered vent covers that control the flow of heated or cool air into a room. You can install them on floors to let heated air rise into a room or in walls and ceilings to control the flow of cool air.

Cast iron, aluminum, and steel are among the best materials for registers. These materials are also fire-retardant. Humidity can make metal registers rust. ABS plastic resin is excellent for floor registers in high-humidity areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. Wood is a great choice for flush-mount registers on hardwood flooring, as it creates an elegant, integrated look.


Grilles are vent covers that allow air from a room to return to your HVAC system for heating or cooling while preventing things from entering the vent and damaging your system. They’re commonly made of durable steel, aluminum, or wood. Polystyrene, a plastic resin, is also an excellent option for grilles, as it makes them more resistant to heat. Grilles can warp without sufficient heat resistance.

Ceiling Diffusers

Ceiling diffusers use multiple layers or sides to direct air into a room to facilitate better airflow distribution. Aluminum is a commonly used material in ceiling diffusers. Steel and ABS resin are also suitable materials for ceiling diffusers.

Baseboard Registers

Baseboard registers are installed in baseboards to allow airflow through ductwork that’s typically long and slender for cooling and heating. Baseboard diffusers operate like ceiling diffusers to improve air distribution. These registers are diffusers and are usually made from steel for durability. You can also find some that are made of wood.

You can choose a color or material that’s stainable or paintable to make your vent covers complement your home decor. For more information on vent covers, contact Energy 1 Heating & Air Conditioning, proudly serving the home-comfort needs of residents in the Lorain area.

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