Find Out If Your Air Ventilation System Is Working Properly

There is quite a focus on indoor air quality these days. This is partly due to the concern surrounding COVID-19. Yet, the quest for healthier indoor air was already in progress for a few decades, as demonstrated by the growing popularity of air ventilation systems. By using an air ventilation system in a home, the homeowner is able to bring in fresh outdoor air without opening windows. However, there are significant differences between ventilation systems. Read on to learn how your air ventilation system can work for you.

Supply Ventilation Vs. Exhaust Ventilation

Supply and exhaust ventilation systems use one or more fans to move fresh air into a home or move stale air out of a home respectively. Fans may be mounted in the ceiling, inside ductwork, and/or in walls. Your typical kitchen exhaust fan is an example of exhaust ventilation.

The basic problems with supply and exhaust ventilation are that they create a significant air-pressure difference between the living spaces and the unconditioned spaces in a home. This causes the contaminants in the unconditioned spaces or that exist outdoors to be pulled into the living spaces. Furthermore, the unconditioned air must be heated or cooled to maintain home comfort.

Energy Recovery Ventilation and Balanced Ventilation

Energy recovery ventilator (ERV) systems and balanced ventilation systems share many features. Both air ventilation units use intake and exhaust fans to simultaneously pull fresh air into the home and push stale air out of the home. This means that both systems are “balanced” by way of maintaining relatively balanced air pressure between the living spaces, the unconditioned spaces, and the outdoor air.

However, there are very nice advantages to using an ERV over a balanced ventilation system. With an ERV, heat energy and moisture are exchanged between fresh air intake and stale exhaust air inside a heat-exchanger core. This means incoming fresh air is pre-conditioned, which helps reduce heating and cooling costs. By removing or adding moisture, indoor humidity is better managed.

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