Know What to Do When It Comes to Vent Cleaning in Your Home

When cleaning your Lorain home, it’s easy to overlook your HVAC vents. Heated or cooled air flows through these vents and into different rooms, which helps your home feel comfortable in all seasons. Over time, your vents can become dusty or dirty, lowering your indoor air quality (IAQ). Keep the following tips on vent cleaning in mind to ensure that your home’s air stays healthy.

Turn Your HVAC System Off

No matter which vents you’re cleaning, always make sure you shut off your HVAC system first. Once you’ve done this, you can start cleaning wall vents, floor vents, or other types of vents in your home.

Vacuum Ductwork

Take vent coverings off so you can access your ducts. Dust and other debris can coat the inside of your ductwork. Use a vacuum attachment to remove dust and debris from inside your ducts.

Vent Cleaning: How To

Wipe down your vent coverings with a clean cloth in order to remove dirt and dust. You can also soak them in soapy water for about 15 minutes to remove heavier stains or layers of dust and grime.

Put Vents Back in Place

When you’re done soaking and rinsing your vent covers, dry them off with a clean towel. Once your vents are completely dry, you can put them back on and start running your HVAC system again.

Change Air Filters

While you’re doing vent cleaning, consider putting a new air filter into your HVAC system, especially if you haven’t changed it in a long time. New air filters and freshly cleaned vents and ducts help improve IAQ in your home. Keep in mind that air filters should be checked and replaced every few months (or more often as needed).

For more information on vent cleaning in your Lorain home, please contact Energy 1 Heating and Air Conditioning. Our HVAC professionals can answer your questions about keeping your vents clean and handle all of your HVAC needs.

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